Things to Consider Before You Open Your Own Spa Shop Sydney Business

More and more people are trying to find good ways that will allow them to escape the stress and pressure of their daily urban living, and finding themselves a reputable spa shop Sydney is among the practical ways for them to do so. Bath spas can be found in and around the city, and they are fast becoming a popular destination mostly for young professionals and families, helping them to relax and recharge every once in a while.

There is no doubt that this industry is very dynamic as more consumers are getting accustomed to this simple, practical form of luxury. Consequently, this is giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to capitalize on various sections of this market.  

1. Market

If you are seriously planning to put up your very own bath spa business, the very first thing you need to get hold is what your target market should be. Bath spas here in Sydney cater to a wide spectrum of possible markets, from low to mid-range. You can also target high-end clientele. 

Any typical mid-range bath spa center would offer shower rooms and treatment, aside from which they may also offer complimentary use of their sauna and steam facilities. For instance, there is a spa shop near me and they make use of their offered jacuzzis and pools to attract would-be faithful patrons.  

2.  Capital 

Much like any other business venture, there is, trying to put up a spa of your own is capital-intensive. Carefully study your target market, and a formal feasibility study would be most recommended here. If you are objective and honest enough to see that you will not be able to get your investment back in 1 to 3 years time, you may just want to abandon the idea altogether. 

The mid-range spa would have you shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars. The bulk of this capital would go to putting up the shower facilities together with the wet-floor areas, even to the rental security deposit.  

3. Staff training 

Paramount to having a reputable bath/swim spa center is the presence of a duly licensed therapist. At least, one of the therapists you have in your spa shop Sydney needs to have proper license and all, while others may just require them to have extensive training instead. 

Ideal candidates for this kind of position and work are the physical therapists and nurses since they are most well-versed and knowledgeable in human anatomy. Besides relevant training background, it is also crucial that your hired therapists have some inherent qualities.

Nurses and physical therapists are ideal candidates for massage therapy since they are well versed in human anatomy. Aside from training, therapists should also have certain inherent qualities. 

For instance, funny to some as this may seem, but ideal candidates should have a good feel of their hands, meaning to say it should not be warm and it should not be clammy.  

 4. Sanitation 

On the average, swim/bath spa client may use 3 towels for every spa treatment they will avail.  After which, they have to be washed after use for sanitation and hygiene purposes. The same thing also is practiced when it comes to bed sheets.

 They need to be changed after a guest used it. They should be sent to the laundry as soon as possible to do so as to prevent bacterial growth in it. 

If your spa center is offering a jacuzzi service, the pool itself needs to get disinfected. It is also the same thing when it comes to the steam room. You need to see to it that they are cleaned on a regular basis so as to avoid microbes and bacteria to grow.

If you are going to offer ready to use brushes and combs to your clients while they are being serviced in your spa center, you will want to sanitize them after each use via a UV machine.  


Embarking on a business venture in the health and wellness industry should not be done in a haphazard fashion. Even if having a spa shop Sydney center is a lucrative business, the level of success you will have here will highly depend upon the careful baby-steps you will take. From planning to finding your target market, you should carry out everything with calculated steps.