Reminders When Commissioning Machinery Repairs

In the market for machinery repairs? Here are five of the most essential things that you should look into, so that you can ensure quality results.

Choose a trusted repair team

One of the most important things that you can do when getting your range of industrial machinery fixed is to entrust it to a trusted team such as Meng Solutions. Your repair professionals will set the tone of the whole process, and it is integral to your facility’s efficiency and safety that they have a long track record of delivering work that has served many other facilities. Similarly, their expertise must be comprehensive enough to provide the specific kind of repairs that your facility needs.

Diagnose the problem well

Successful industrial machinery repairs start with the proper identification of problems. To do this well, it is necessary to contextualise an issue within your specific working conditions. For instance, if a part of the machine vibrates when being used, chances are the culprit is a misaligned belt or gears. But it should not stop there. You should also look into how the components got misaligned in the first place, because that may give you a better understanding of your current processes and methodologies.

Document the entire process

Also, repairs must be logged from start to finish, so that your facility has a handy reference that you can consult for future use. If you’re going to change repair teams, move premises, or do other adjustments, your documentation will also be helpful for future repairs. More importantly, it will give you the perspective that is necessary in designing and implementing the right measures in your workplace. For example, if your logs show that a certain machinery has had frequent repairs within a certain time period, then that will signal a reassessment of the functionality of the equipment and will help facilitate decision-making.

Be proactive about maintenance

Smart facility managers know that repairs are just one part of a comprehensive machinery maintenance plan. And if you want to cut costs while ensuring optimal functionality and safety in your workplace, establishing a maintenance programme now is going to lead to so many rewards. If you need guidance in crafting one, ask your repair team for help.

Ensure proper team training

Finally, invest in continuous education for your team. Operator trainings, in particular, are essential not only in inculcating the right knowledge in your staff, but also ensuring that they can apply their technical training towards the efficiency and safety in your facility. Manufacturers typically offer different types of trainings so make sure to check with them if you’d like to schedule one.