Non Slip Flooring for the Bathroom

For the bathroom, it is very important to have a non slip flooring. This is a must for everyone in the home to make sure they stay safe all the time. Especially when there are kids and older people in the family, having this kind of flooring will provide great resistance to slipping.

There are various ways to make sure that the flooring is non-slip. You can make use of rubber, floor mats, or chemical coatings. These options have proven to be effective and the best part is, they are not as expensive as other options. The slip resistance of the floor is important as this directly refers to the safety of the people.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the parts of the home where most accidents happen. One main reason for this is because the place is wet. Although we try our best to keep the flooring in the bathroom safe at all times, this area is just mostly wet.

Some of the common choices for bathroom flooring are marble, granite, and ceramic tiles. However, all these choices can be slippery when wet. The slippery nature of the bathroom floors can be reduced with the use of a tile coating with mat that comes with non-slip properties.

Accident Prevention

A rubber mat can be used with great ease to prevent any accident from happening in the bathroom. This is an effective but cheap solution that has been proven to be useful. It can be used in strategic places like near the toilet, inside or outside of the tub, or in the wash basin. Also, this type of mat is durable and can actually last for a long time. Moreover, it is easy to find bathroom mats and they come in different colors and shades.

Chemical Coating

A non slip flooring for the bathroom can be effective achieved by means of anti-slip floor treatments. These are chemicals that when applied on the floor can increase the coefficient friction in the floor surface, thus preventing slipping. They can be used in different types of surfaces. They are also colorless in appearance.

As soon as you have applied the coating, you have to let it dry for about five minutes. The coating can last for months. In needed, you may apply a second coating to make it last longer.

For different practical purposes, dual coating for non-slip floor material is helpful, like in the bathroom, especially that water can be corrosive over long periods of time. You can also use a non-slip flooring chemical that is water-resistant. You can have this in your bathtub, especially that it is recommended to use this coating for it for safety.

Even if the bathroom area is always wet and is an accident-prone area, you can still avoid unfortunate events from happening by using the right non-slip flooring material.