Hydraulic Drilling Rigs in this New Generation

There is always a need to keep our wealth in a safe place. Even nature has its own way of keeping its own wealth- the natural resource. Whether it is in the form of oil, water, or minerals, these natural resources are kept in depth. In order to reach these hidden resources and take them out, drilling the surface is necessary. Going back in the days, people used to manually dig the earth and mining during those times required so much manpower. Through time, things have greatly changed as they can now mechanize the different processes in mining. In this case, drilling rigs are a must that made things so much easier.


The Role of Drill Rigs

During the early stages of utilizing mechanized mining, people used pneumatic drilling rigs to drill the earth’s surface. Such types of rigs were functional and effective. But as the technology advances, hydraulic rigs have replaced these ones. Hydraulic rigs are considered to be the new generation when it comes to drilling rigs and are considered to be more cost-effective and precise in drilling holes. Today, these rigs are used for blast hole drilling, water drilling, pole hole drilling, and many others.

There are numerous advantages for hydraulic rigs when compared to conventional pneumatic ones. They are as follows:

– It can penetrate faster than pneumatic rigs which increases productivity. The penetration process is slower in pneumatic drilling due to its air-operated feed system.

– The rigs in hydraulic rigs function along with the hydraulic system. This results to lesser fuel consumption unlike with pneumatic system where you need fuel in order to function.

– Torque and high-speed is well-achieved in hydraulic rigs

– Hydraulic rigs have higher pull-up capacity. This can even be adjusted depending on the need by simply setting up the pressure.

– There is lesser noise pollution when using hydraulic rigs.

– Hydraulic rigs is capable of holding the weight for a longer time. On the other hand, pneumatic rigs cannot as there are more possibilities for air leakages.

– Hydraulic rigs can be expensive at first, but this will be more profitable in the long run as there is lesser fuel consumption which results to lesser maintenance costs.

Pneumatic technology has been undeniably replaced by hydraulic types of rigs across the globe. This is very useful especially when doing mining tasks. At the same time, hydraulic pole hole drilling is utilized in the construction industry. Piles are necessary to have a robust base to high-rise buildings, for bridges and other structures.

Moreover, as it makes the process a lot faster and more efficient, more money is saved which equates to profit. With this technology, lesser human labor is needed which makes it a great solution for companies that suffer from shortage of labors.