Factors to Consider in Choosing Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets are critical to facilities and establishments that work with hazardous chemicals. These products make sure that safety risks are mitigated day in and day out in your workplace, while also meeting industry requirements. If you’re looking to get one, being aware of the essential markers that you should look for when choosing is important in making the right choice. Consider the following:

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Type and Volume of Chemicals

The specific kinds of chemicals that you have in your workplace should be the first factor that you look at when choosing their  flammable liquids cabinet. There are chemicals that can be stored together, for instance, while others will require separate storage. Corrosives and pesticides are among those that will need a separate flammable liquids cabinet each.

Cabinets come in various sizes, and the the amount of chemicals that you need to store should also be factored into your selection. The size of the cabinet depends on the volume of the products that you have for storage. Any anticipated changes to your current volume should also be prepared for; if you’re adding certain substances, for instance, then it’s best to purchase a cabinet that will accommodate them once they arrive.


Material Choice

Chemical storage cabinets are also available in two major types: stain steel, and polyethylene. The first one is best for a wide range of chemicals, while the second is more ideal for corrosives, pesticides, and other chemicals that will otherwise eat through stainless steel.


Choice of Supplier

Finally, where you are sourcing your cabinet should be considered carefully. Such a product is tasked to provide your facility with protection, and a substandard one cannot fulfill that duty. Your supplier should have a good reputation of only working with products that have been manufactured according to the right standards, such as Global Spill Control.

Additionally, they should be able to provide comprehensive product guidance so that you can find the right type of chemical storage cabinet for your specific operations, working conditions, and requirements. This is particularly important to the installation of the cabinet, as such a product needs to be installed according to certain conditions.

Finally, your supplier of chemical storage cabinets should also provide the right kind of product training for the use of the cabinets. If it will be your organisation’s first try at adding such a product to your suite of equipment, this is even more important. Everybody on the team should also be informed of what to do in case an issue crops up, or a hazard manifests.