Chemical Storage Cabinet: The Need for Proper Ventilation

A chemical storage cabinet is used for different purposes like storing of flammable liquid, pesticides, poisons, corrosive chemicals, and so many others. There are types of these cabinets that have bung openings which are responsible for facilitating proper ventilation. The manufacturers of these cabinets provide capped bungs to guarantee effective ventilation.

However, it could also not be necessary to vent the storage cabinet as it is not often required. In case the state or the local authority demands the use of venting bungs, it’s possible to find the best ones. On the other hand, venting bungs may not be necessary when it’s not part of the requirements.


Venting: Why is it Not Necessary?

For the purpose of fire safety and protection, it might not be needed to vent the flammable and chemical storage cabinet. This is for the reason that the design of the cabinet allows it to effectively protect all the internal contents from external fire.

The presence of the vents simply compromises the cabinet’s effectiveness in terms of fire protection. Also, the cabinet may also not be able to provide the best protection to the contents in case of fire, thus, it is not all the time necessary to vent a storage cabinet.


Storage Cabinet: Provisions for Venting

There are times when venting a storage cabinet is not worth considering. For example, if the cabinet needs to be ventilated for whatever reason, the different openings of the vent need to be ducted and directed to a very safe location. The opening of the vent can also be directed to treatment devices that are tailor-made to handle any flammable vapor and volatile organic compounds. This needs to be done in a way that will not compromise the ability of the cabinet to perform in an efficient manner even in case of a fire breakout.


Do you Really Need Vents?

You might be thinking of different ways in order to determine whether the storage cabinet needs venting. As mentioned, it is really not needed to vent the chemical or flammable cabinet. But you can always choose to liaise with your local authorities for further clarification, especially if you are concerned about health.

If you acquire the clearance to vent the storage cabinet, there are a few things that need to be done for maximum safety. First of all, you have to get detailed guidelines that will show you how you can properly ventilate the cabinet. Next, you need to have the right tools to make venting possible.


Ideal Location

Finding a safe and ideal location for vent discharge is very important. This would go a very long way that will help minimize the chances of flammable vapor from finding the way to the ignition source and make things worse.

Therefore, the flammable vapor needs to end up in a safe location after it has been discharged from the cabinet. You need to remember that the electrical equipment that does not meet the requirements will not be fit.

If you are thinking whether or not you need to vent your cabinet, be sure to consider the things mentioned above.