What to Check From Your CNC Plasma Cutter Supplier

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Buying a CNC plasma cutter soon? There are a couple of companies that you can choose from for such a purchase, especially in Australia. But you know that not every company that you will stumble upon is a company that is worthy of your money. So to make sure that you end up entrusting your investment to a reputable supplier of the equipment, it pays to remember a few things. The following are some of the markers that you should look for, when choosing your plasma cutter supplier.

Approved Authority to Carry Products From Manufacturers

First and foremost, your chosen cutter supplier should be authorised by manufacturers to carry their products in their catalogues. Many manufacturers have references on their websites that you can consult so that you can check whether a certain company is indeed an authorised supplier. Similarly, you can get in touch with a manufacturer to vet the authenticity of a supplier or distributor.

Comprehensive Product Warranty and Support

It is also important that your supplier be able to give comprehensive product warranty. Some companies use the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer for their range of CNC plasma cutters, while others have stand-alone warranties of their own. Whichever is offered by the supplier of your choice, make sure that you’re getting something that will provide good coverage for a good number of years. Jaymac CNC Plasma Cutters, a trusted provider of plasma cutters and related solutions, offers up to three years of product warranty for their equipment.

Additionally, see to it that the according product support is excellent. There are companies that only provide free servicing or maintenance under very strict conditions, and some companies may not cover certain issues, for differing reasons. If your product support comes with these conditions, ask about what you need to do so that you can protect the product support.

Personalised Guidance

Speaking of asking questions, your supplier should be able to answer any question that you may have about the cutter. This is especially important if it will be your facility’s first foray into metal fabrication with the equipment, as choosing the right model depends on the careful management of several factors. Software compatibility and usability, in particular, merits a good discussion between the customer and the supplier. Do not hesitate to raise any concerns that you may have, and don’t purchase any equipment from any supplier that cannot give you the information that you need to make the most out of the cutter.