Buying bunded fuel tanks? Here are some tips that will help you make the best choice


Fuel tanks are one of the mainstays at various industrial units. As the name suggests, they are used to store various fuels that will be used for varied purposes at the work site. Since there are a number of top manufacturers and suppliers of bunded fuel tanks that offer these equipments, it becomes all the more difficult to take an informed decision. Here are some basic tips, which will help you make the best choice. Go through them to get a better idea about the same:

  • Know your requirements: Knowing your requirements is a main step that you should take in the very beginning. For instance, think of what sort of fuels you need to store in the tanks and what capacity tanks will be fit for you. All these will give you a direction to select the best equipments that suit your requirements. This point also holds true for drum trolleys, which you can find on top suppliers’ sites.
  • Don’t compromise on the quality: Quality is the buzzword no matter what materials handling equipment you are going to purchase. Hence, you need to check the quality of the tanks before placing your order. Hence, make it a point to ask the supplier to let you see some samples and check them out before signing the cheque. 
  • Compare the price: Shortlist two or more firms that supply these tanks and then compare the price range. More price need not mean that the quality will be outstanding and less price may not be cheap quality. Hence, also check the features along with the price and don’t forget to check the product reviews to know which one will best serve your purpose.

Factors to Check While Buying Poly Fuel Tanks

When it is about buying fuel tanks, many of the industrial owners skip the research part. After all, every tank looks the same – a metal container with a lid right? Absolutely not. Selecting and spending money on the right type of fuel tanks have a great role in utilizing the resources efficiently. Fuels need to be used in wise manner for which choosing the right diesel fuel tanks are essential.


What are things you need to look for when you buy tanks for your industrial needs? Read the following points to get a better idea.

  • Understand the specifications and needs: You should have a clear idea about the tank specifications you are looking for. Do a cross check with the mechanical drawings of tanks which help you to find the exact fit.
  • Material and coating: Whenever you are buying fuel tanks, make it a point to examine its material thickness and coatings as it decides the durability and rust resistant property of the container.
  • Testings: Ask the manufacturer to explain about the tests fuel tanks have undergone. Carrying out the necessary test before the dispatch is necessary to ensure the safety, compliance and convenience.
  • Certifications and standards: Are the tanks IBC certified to transport diesel? Buy fuel tanks only from a reliable supplier who stocks the products that meet manufacturing standards.

No matter whether it is for on ground storage or portable boat fuel tanks, always opt for the superior quality containers that will last longer and ensure excellent value for your money.


I hope that the aforementioned tips will be immensely useful to you. Cheers!